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moving forward

by blis

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Recorded at City Pro Recordings in Orlando fl October 2012


released June 30, 2013

thank you paul,sean, shane, collin and everyone else that helped us record this.

and mom...i love you mom



all rights reserved


blis Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: worst
my influence comes from the bottom of my tongue but im not anything like i used to be. im just holding on to my worst.
Track Name: forward
i wrote a love song its a about my friends and how much i hate them
i have this problem it mostly deals with expressing my feelings
i have this thought in the back of my head it says you hate
so i'll stay conscious although i shouldnt do it
and i'll stay hopeful although i shouldnt do it

shot down
forwards now

i've had subtle times with friends of mine but they dont know im leaving yet
and im working up a smile to fake a way that im not
so i'll hold back on my intentions and hope that i dont give in
Track Name: dumb and ugly
Im dumb cuz the tv screen
and im dumb cuz new magazines
and if you ask me they're just getting old.
so paint me a picture of god
and i'll make it perfect if its not.
we'll paint the whole wide world
we'll paint it black.
ive got some friends you can have em
cuz i grew up and kicked the habbit
heres a lit to drag him but hes nasty
ive got some girls you can have em cuz
i grew up and she hasnt
heres a lit one to have her but shes nasty
because you cant have nothing
if you always want something
cuz my body's a drug
with no body to hug
i want somebody to love
or whose ugly
im just a kid on stage
and all my plans are insane
oh my head missed my brain when i lost it
but these strings feel comfy
like the thought that no ones watching
do you remember when i said i was ugly
well i think i was on to something
Track Name: dead in real life
my hands they touch its soft
my head is shut it off
im alive
dead in real life
this is part
where my brain disconnects
and i start seeing colors and flashbacks of all of my friends
dead in real
this is serious this time.
Track Name: kindergarten rock
sad town,
run down,
thats where all my friends come from and its the last time i want to say it.
its the first time that i got hit,
and the last time i want to feel it
so go,
tired go home.
im standing out your window
waiting for something to go on.
nothing ever goes
im outside again
how can the words come out forward?
how can the words be so happy?
im lonely now
but who are you to blame?
this time i set myself up
sometimes i feel like im losing it
moving forward
speaking forward