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Sargent House

Starting Fires In My Parents House

by blis.

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Connor Dunn
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Connor Dunn Everything his band has made so far has absolutely blown me away. Like Runaway Brother but with the raw emotion and unique vocals of foxing. Beautiful stuff. They need to come play Chicago real soon. Favorite track: Floating Somewhere High and Above.
DEER thumbnail
DEER Been listening to this a lot since I bought it.. Incredible album, especially the first track. I'm terrible at describing why things are good or bad, so that's why I don't write reviews and stuff. But this is just so good I had to say something. Highly recommended! Favorite track: Floating Somewhere High and Above.
David Colbert
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David Colbert this has been the soundtrack to my crazy week, thank u blis and the Sargent house family for continuing to put out great music.
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released February 10, 2014



all rights reserved


blis Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Floating Somewhere High and Above
Time slowed down the time I forgot my friends and my karma came around. In the morning I looked like shit. It's probably because of this and all the fucked up stuff I did, but you're wrong. God you're wrong. A forward explanation. Talking backwards. Caught in translation. Go means no again. I sold my soul to Jesus it turns out God doesn't need us. My arms now marked by the beast. He taught me how to be empty. My soul floats up. As I reach the gates You turn me away. I beg and I cry, but you say "no". And I burn. As I lay in ice my skin petrified. My conscious consumed with thoughts of you.
Track Name: Savannah
Long drives and car rides to Savannah. It's kind of far when you're tired and broke. But I woke and put my best clothes and my best shoes. I just want to impress you but that doesn't always work. I'm such a jerk and when it happens I just go home. Because I'm not ready to be a dad yet. So I'll breathe fire and burn down the bridges that separate my friends and bring them back together again. Oh! Your mom, your daddy, you're boss. Because I've placed my fate in your heart but you seem to be much older now. Hopefully I can. (I've spent most of my time pretending I'm grown just barely scraping by on my own. I still call my parents house my home. I might have the courage to take you to bed but I'm not ready to be the man you'll not fuck till I'm dead) but I'll fail again. Who the fuck am I kidding?
Track Name: Stationary life
Dreams don't make sense when I'm sleeping in. Stationary life is crushing me so bad, so deeply and so fast, but these are old words said so much I forget who they're about until I see your face. It's empty. In your wet eyes I see no reflection. Pretty sure I'm sleeping. Daylight creeps in. Am I dreaming? I just want to touch you so bad. I just want to love you but I cant. I'll sleep better when you stop visiting my dreams. And I watch the clock as it goes. Time destroyed everything we had. I'm afraid if I'm honest you'll run away. Old words would say that you're shallow and conceited. So what's the point in all of this if it won't get better? It's just a waste of time my fragile state of mind. And I realize I will never be truly happy because you were never truly there. Just a body in a room. A loner blank stares. You were never truly there.
Track Name: You Can Tell Alot
You can tell a lot about a friend by the way he talks. Words have no meaning to me. You can tell a lot about a friend by the way he talks in his sleep. Words have no meaning to me.